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10 Practices for a Healthy Back, Mind and Spirit

  • Get Plenty of Rest. When you skimp on sleep, your ability to handle stressful emotions decreases. Small problems can send you over the edge more quickly.
  • Prioritize the demands on your time. By overcommitting, you have fewer inner resources to cope with challenges. Figure out what activities are really essential and concentrate on those.
  • Know yourself. Things in the past (an unfaithful spouse, a miscarriage) color your reactions to current events. Knowing your prejudices can help you recognize inappropriate responses.
  • Acknowledge your anger. That doesn't mean yelling obscenities. Instead, explore your feelings in a journal. Recognizing negative emotions can help you dispel them.
  • Distract yourself from stress. Call a good friend, head out for a walk, or rent a funny movie.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. It can be tempting to react angrily when someone cuts you off on the highway or snubs you at a party. But stewing over minor insults will only impede your happiness.
  • Limit your frustration. If you've suffered a blow like getting passed over for a job, allow yourself to feel hurt and angry. But limit it and get on with your life.
  • Develop an inner applause meter. Your spouse, kids and boss won't always appreciate you, so call their attention to major efforts. But sometimes the satisfaction of a job well done is its own reward.
  • Get plenty of exercise. A brisk half-hour on the treadmill boosts feel-good brain chemicals.
  • Eat healthy. Comfort foods high in fat and sugar may reduce stress hormones in the short run. But in the long term, a well-balanced diet contributes to a better brain chemistry and emotional stability.



AROMATHERAPY - Fragrance (aroma) treatment (therapy) to help balance mind, body and emotions.

ASTROLOGY - Study of suns, moons, and planets to fortell an individual's destiny.
ASTRONOMY - Scientific stydy of stars and planets.

AURA - Energy field that surrounds the body that appears as colors and light.

CHAKRA - Energy centers of the body.

CHANNELING - Allowing information from a universal source to com through one's conciousness.

CLAIRAUDIENT - Hearing the messages.

CLAIRSENTEINT - Knowing the messages.

CLAIRVOYANT - Visionaries - clear seeing visions or pictures.

CRYSTALS - Minerals that can be used as tools for healing, channeling, and communication skills.

EMPATH - Understands and feels another's emotions and physical discomfort.

ESSENTIAL OILS - Plant extracts used in aromatherapy for maintenance of general health.

FENG SHUI - Chinese science of balancing your surroundings.

IRIDOLOGY - Study of the patterens of the eyes for health.

KARMA - Results of your actions for Spiritual growth.

KRIYA - Consious vibration system that breaks blockages and habits.

MANTRA - A word repeated constantly in a meditative state that form a vibration and helps reveal insights in your life.

MASTER GUIDE - One's Spiritual guide that offers wisdom for you life's journey.

MEDITATION - Stat of awareness with inner self.

METAPHYSICS - Things which cannot be proven by science alone.

MIND'S EYE - Third eye that is located in the middle of the forehead.

NUMEROLOGY - The study of numbers and their influence on your life.

PAST LIFE - A lifetime lived by a person prior to this lifetime.

PRECOGNITION - Knowing something is going to happen before it actually does.

PREMONITION - A warning in advance ( Gut Feeling).

PSYCHIC - Person that draws on their inner abilities of knowing.

PSYCHIC SURGERY - The act of Spirit healers to make healing changes in one's physical body.

READING - 10 minutes of time with someone who will answer you questions regarding your life or loved ones.

REIKI - Japanese healing system using life force energy.

RUNES - Ancient alphabet used for foretelling future events.

TAROT - Bearing a Spiritual meaning through material forms, used for foretelling fitire events.