Locks of Love Cuts



Hair Design

Our Stylist Stay on Top of the Latest most up to date Techniques , Stylist consistantly receive  continued education

At Kailonie's we believe that continueing our education is important to you as the client ,as well as for our  staff to feel more secure in providing  you with the services of your choice. We listen, ask a lot of questions, discuss with each other as a team, and perform your servi ce with full conviction to make what you see in your head a reality. We appreciate you for allowing us the oportunity to work with you.  The minute you step into our establishment you become our boss,and we believe in the age of making your boss proud!
Cuts & Styles  
Ladies Cut (leave wet) $23.00 +
Ladies Cut & Style

$30.00 +

Gentlemans Cut (only) $16.00
Gentlemans Cut ( The Works) $20.00
Gentlemans Cut w/Beard Trim $23.00
Gentlemans Cut (The Works) w/ Beard Trim $25.00
Young Adult (11-17)     Girls $17.00                          Boys $14.00
Children (1-10) $12.00
Blow dry/Style w/young adult or child cut $5.00+
Mens Color                        Short $20.00                      Long $25.00
Styling Services  
Shampoo / Style w/curling iron $18.00 +
Shampoo Set w/ rollers $11.00
Braids $15.00 +
Updo's $40.00 +
Deep Conditioning Treatment $25.00
Lakme Deep Treat (allow at least 1 hour) $55.00
Custom Color Designs  
Single Process Color  (base or short hair only) $45.00 +
Long Hair 2" + past shoulders $65.00 +
Double Process Color $80.00 +
Long Hair 2"+ past shoulders $100.00 +
Hi-Light w / Cap $40.00 +
Partial HiLight or LoLight ( Min. $30)                              or $4.50 per foil
Full HiLight or Lo-Light $80.00 +
Long Hair 4"+ past shoulders $120.00 +
Each additional color    Short $10.00                           Long $15.00 per color

Corrective Color

Starts @ $60.00 per hour
Permanent Waves  
Regular Wrap $45.00 +
Long Hair $75.00 +
Custom Wraps & Spirals 7" past shoulders $100.00 +
Permanent Hair Straightening  Starts@ $60.00 per hour
Beach Perm             Short $60.00                                Long $80.00
Lash & Brow Tinting  
Lashes $22.00
Brows $18.00
Both at the same time $36.00
Lash Extention/Lengthening $50.00 per hour
 False Lash Application (must purchase @ our Spa) $10.00

Nail Services

Natural Manicure $17.00
Spa Mint Manicure $25.00
French Manicure $20.00
Gentleman's Manicure $15.00
Polish Change $10.00
Children's Manicure <15 $12.00
Children's French Manicure <15 $17.00
Shellac Nails $30.00

Natural Pedicure



Spa Mint Pedicure $40.00
French Pedicure $35.00
Natural Pedicure w / Paraffin $40.00
Dry Specialty Pedicure $40.00
Gentleman's Pedicure $25.00
Children's Pedicure <13 $15.00
Basic Clip and File only $10.00
Detoxifying Foot Bath $30.00
Seasonal Specialty Pedicure $40.00
Acrylic Nails  
Full Set $30.00
Fill $18.00
Removal $20.00
Fix 1 nail $4.00
Nail Art ( starts at) $5.00
Gel Nails  



Skin & Body Care

European Facial $55.00
Reprechage 4-layer Face Lift Facial $75.00
Mini Vacuum Massage Facial $35.00
Anti-Aging Renewal Facial $65.00
Acne Treatment Facial $65.00
Hot or Cold Stone Facial $60.00
Red Light Anti-Aging  Healing Therapy $25.00
Blue Light Antibacterial Therapy $25.00
Lash or Brow Tinting $15.00 each
Both Lash and Brow Tinting at the same time $25.00
Microderm w/facial cleansing and Moisturizing $40.00
Package of 6 (ger 7th one FREE) $240.00
Microderm on Forearms $40.00
Neck & Chest $40.00
Chemical Peel  
Face,Chest, or Forearms $25.00 each
Package of 6 (get 7th one FREE) $150.00

Infra Red Sauna

1- 25 minute session (or buy 6 get 2 FREE) $15.00
Full Body Waxing (male or female) $250.00 +
Back or Chest $50.00 each
Full Legs $65.00
Half Legs $45.00
Full Arms $25.00
Half Arms $20.00
Under Arms $18.00
Full Face $35.00
Bikini $25.00
Brazillian $40.00
Brow/Lip/Chin/Nose $10.00 ea. or
$25 any 3

Make Up




Mineral Make-up


Make Up Application w/ any Service $15.00

Special Occassion make up applied $20.00

Recieve 10% OFF any make up purchase w/ application of make up.

FREE make up touch up w/ any service

BRIDES  Make Up Application is FREE w/party of 4 or more who recieve updos and Make Up Applications as well.

Survivor Family Fitness


Fitness Center is located inside of Kailonie's Salon and Spa .



(Any donations are Greatly Appreciated)

General Public Yearly Membership Dues Alone $200.00 (paid all at once)

Including Unlimited Tanning $350.00 (paid all at once)

If direct withdrawel out of bank account Recieve 10% discount and divide the year by 12, this is how

much the withdrawel will be per month. 

You may join for only one month at the rate of $32.00 per month

Including Unlimited Tanning , at the rate of $62.00 per month

All fees include the hydrotherapy table and infra red sauna at no extra cost.

fitness 002

fitness 001

Add ons Include:

VacuStep for an additional $25.00 per month

(must purchase @$39.99 each a pre & post powder mix drink to get full benefits)

Red Light Anti-Aging Therapy Bed for an additional $45.00 per month

(Reverses the aging process, making the body produce collegen at the rate of a 17 year old and younger)

Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and helps replenish elasticity of the skin. 






Tanning & Fitness packages

We have 7 Tanning units including 1 Stand up unit. And 1 RED LIGHT THERAPY UNIT We equip our beds with 4 levels of tanning . Our tanning units include Holiday Sporterrado, Wolff, Ovation and HEX We do not have large beds as we invest our money in top of the line bulbs instead , which is the most important part of your tanning experience. At Kailonie's we believe in taking care of the skin as well as giving you a healthy vibrant sun kissed looking tan. We pride ourselves on our clean, ambient ,spa atmosphere. Here we intend on relaxing you while you nurish your body with vitamin D and achieve your ultimate tan.

Air Brush Spray Tanning

(Lasts approximately 7-10 days)

For Best Results exfoliate with non oil based scrub first and do not put any lotion on

1 Session  $25.00

2 Sessions $45.00

3 Sessions $60.00

Level One Fitness w/ Tanning

1 Day $6.60

5 Days $25.00

10 Days $45.00

 Month Unlimited $50.00

7 Days w/ 100 Minutes $35.00

Level Two Fitness w/ Tanning

1 Day $7.70

5 Days $30.00

10 Days $50.00

 Month Unlimited $60.00

7 Days w/ 100 Minutes $40.00

Level Three Fitness w/ Tanning

1 Day $8.80

5 Days $35.00

10 Days $60.00

Month Unlimited $70.00

7 Days w/ 100 Minutes $45.00

Level Four Fitness w/ Tanning

(Stand up Unit)

1 Day $9.90

5 Days $40.00

10 Days $65.00

Unlimited $75.00

7 Days w/ 50 Minutes $45.00

Red Light Therapy

(Reverse Aging at a Cellular Level)

 10 Sessions $45.00

Month Unlimited $60.00


We Recommend a full body exfoliation with a non oil based sugar or salt or baking soda scrub  before starting to tan and again every 2 weeks.

We also recommend you stay hydrated as this also helps in the tanning process.

Your eyes are very important and delicate. We REQUIRE you purchase and show eye protection each time you come in to tan.

You will want to turn over about every 3rd tan to avoid pressure points and adjust body a few times while tanning to keep curculation moving and tan more evenly.

Please ALWAYS ask for monthly specials , we are open to your ideas or suggestions.

If we have your email you will get up to date notifications of specials.

Remember tanning hours are seasonal please book in advance to assure our hours meet yours. Thank You


Massage Therapies

Massage Therapy

Our Fully liscensed massage therapist and Estheticians Promise to deliver you the relaxing, muscle relieving massage of your choice, from deep tissue to general relaxation to reflexology, we believe you will leave our establishment with, mind, body and spirit in aaaaahhhhhhh!


Chair Massage (15 minutes)

1-1/2 hour Swedish Massage $110.00
1 hour Swedish Massage $75.00
1/2 hour Swedish Massage $50.00
1-1/2 hour Deep Tissue Massage $120.00
1 hour Deep Tissue Massage $110.00
1/2 hour Deep Tissue Massage $55.00
11/2 hour Hot Stone Massage $120.00
1 hour Hot Stone Massage $110.00
1 hour Aromatherapy Massage $75.00
1-1/2 hour Aromatherapy Massage $90.00
1/2 hour Prenatal Massage $40.00
1 hour Prenatal Massage $70.00
1 hour Raindrop Theraphy Massage (cannot be done during pregnacy) $80.00
(Purchase 4 of the same massage at once get 1 FREE)  
Reiki Healing $60.00
Reiki Healing w/ Massage  $90.00
Reflexology Hands $40.00
Reflexology Feet $45.00
Ear Candling  
Up to 2 candles per ear $40.00
Body Treatments  
Synergy Cellulite Body Treatment $115.00
Cellulite Treatment w / body wrap $75.00
Cellulite Treatment w / 1/2 hour Massage $65.00
Package of 6 Cellulite Treatments  Thighs,Buttock, Stomach 600.00
Package of 6 Cellulite Treats with 1/2 hour massage $Ask
Pepperment Sea Twist Body Wrap $60.00
(Followed w / 1/2 hour massage) $85.00
Full Body Paraffin Treatment $70.00
Full Body Paraffin Treatment w / 1/2 hour massage $90.00
Specialty Services  
Infra Red Sauna Session $15.00
Month Unlimited Sauna Sessions $45.00
Detoxifying Foot Bath $30.00
Purchase 4 get 5th one Free $120.00
Chi Vitalizer Machine 1 Session $15.00
Month of Unlimited use on CVM $45.00
Red Light Therapy Reversal of Aging Process@ Cellular Level (Month) $60.00
VacuStep Cellulite Reduction Session  $20.00
VacuStep Cellulite Reduction Month Unlimited  $100.00
VacuStep requires Purchase of Powder Drinks to work Fully   2@ $39.99e
Hydro Therapy Table (fully dressed) $25.00
Hydor Therapy Table Month Unlimited Sessions $100.00

Definitions & Discriptions


AROMATHERAPY - Fragrance (aroma) treatment (therapy) to help balance mind, body and emotions.

ASTROLOGY - Study of suns, moons, and planets to fortell an individual's destiny. 

ASTRONOMY - Scientific stydy of stars and planets.

AURA - Energy field that surrounds the body that appears as colors and light.

CHAKRA - Energy centers of the body.

CHANNELING - Allowing information from a universal source to com through one's conciousness.

CLAIRAUDIENT - Hearing the messages.

CLAIRSENTEINT - Knowing the messages.

CLAIRVOYANT - Visionaries - clear seeing visions or pictures.

CRYSTALS - Minerals that can be used as tools for healing, channeling, and communication skills.

EMPATH - Understands and feels another's emotions and physical discomfort.

ESSENTIAL OILS - Plant extracts used in aromatherapy for maintenance of general health.

FENG SHUI - Chinese science of balancing your surroundings.

IRIDOLOGY -  Study of the patterens of the eyes for health.

KARMA - Results of your actions for Spiritual growth.

KRIYA - Consious vibration system that breaks blockages and habits.

MANTRA - A word repeated constantly in a meditative state that form a vibration and helps reveal insights in your life.

MASTER GUIDE -  One's Spiritual guide that offers wisdom for you life's journey.

MEDITATION - Stat of awareness with inner self.

METAPHYSICS - Things which cannot be proven by science alone.

MIND'S EYE - Third eye that is located in the middle of the forehead.

NUMEROLOGY - The study of numbers and their influence on your life.

PAST LIFE - A lifetime lived by a person prior to this lifetime.

PRECOGNITION - Knowing something is going to happen before it actually does.

PREMONITION - A warning in advance ( Gut Feeling).

PSYCHIC - Person that draws on their inner abilities of knowing.

PSYCHIC SURGERY - The act of Spirit healers to make healing changes in one's physical body.

READING - 10 minutes of time with someone who will answer you questions regarding your life or loved ones.

REIKI - Japanese healing system using life force energy.

RUNES - Ancient alphabet used for foretelling future events.

TAROT - Bearing a Spiritual meaning through material forms, used for foretelling fitire events.


Senior Rates 60+


Senior rates 60+

Shampoo Set $12.00
MENS CUT $14.00
Ladies Hair Cut w/ Style $20.00
Perm/ Haircut/ Style $45.00
Ladies Hair Cut (leave wet) $15.00
Color/Cut/Style $40.00
HiLight/Cut/Style (w/cap) $45.00
Pedicure $28.00
Dry Pedicure ( thick nails) $45.00

Manicure w/polish

(no polish)



Clip & File (only) $8.00
European facial
1 Hr. Swedish Massage $45.00

1/2 Hr.Swedish Massage

(back neck shoulders & arms only)