Survivor Family Fitness


Fitness Center is located inside of Kailonie's Salon and Spa .



(Any donations are Greatly Appreciated)

General Public Yearly Membership Dues Alone $200.00 (paid all at once)

Including Unlimited Tanning $350.00 (paid all at once)

If direct withdrawel out of bank account Recieve 10% discount and divide the year by 12, this is how

much the withdrawel will be per month. 

You may join for only one month at the rate of $32.00 per month

Including Unlimited Tanning , at the rate of $62.00 per month

All fees include the hydrotherapy table and infra red sauna at no extra cost.

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fitness 001

Add ons Include:

VacuStep for an additional $25.00 per month

(must purchase @$39.99 each a pre & post powder mix drink to get full benefits)

Red Light Anti-Aging Therapy Bed for an additional $45.00 per month

(Reverses the aging process, making the body produce collegen at the rate of a 17 year old and younger)

Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and helps replenish elasticity of the skin.